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Digital Brand Building interviews the most successful sales & marketing leaders every week. Hosted by Mark Fidelman, he discusses the hottest new sales & marketing ideas from the experts. Fidelman keeps it real, and isn’t afraid to mix it up. Each episode features an engaging discussion with different business professionals to help you fuel your mind.

Jul 13, 2019

Josh Barkin is Founder of - he is on the show to set up expectations for conversational AI. 

Topics covered

  • Mark and Josh get into IBM Watson technology and how Janus adds AI functionality to conversational AI. 
  • Janis Focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) for small business. 
  • Why Siri and Alexa don't work yet 
  • How you can train bots to answer long-form questions 
  • What Byron believes is a good AI bot
  • The objections companies face when creating and deploying bots 


Show Links: 

Mark – explore our chatbot on Facebook marketing.

Josh's Bio

Co-founder of, an AI Assistant that has helped 1000's of marketers integrate Google AI into their customer experiences on Facebook to boost revenue, reduce support costs and delight customers 24x7