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Digital Brand Building interviews the most successful sales & marketing leaders every week. Hosted by Mark Fidelman, he discusses the hottest new sales & marketing ideas from the experts. Fidelman keeps it real, and isn’t afraid to mix it up. Each episode features an engaging discussion with different business professionals to help you fuel your mind.

Feb 11, 2020

BitBoy Crypto discusses China, Libra, and a few other current crypto announcements. 

IN 200 words or less, if you could invest a fictional $100,000 in one or two cryptos, what would they be and why? *
We'll ask you this question during the show and add it to our show notes.
1. Has to be Bitcoin. At the end of...

Feb 6, 2020

Today we are going to talk with Ross Davis about Crypto Scams and some of the biggest ones we don’t even know about.


  1. Titanium Blockchain, which trades under 'TBAR' – you received a tip and then what happened?
  2. What about Bitconnect?
  3. Cloud Token
  4. How do we protect ourselves
  5. What Gov regulations need to be...