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Digital Brand Building interviews the most successful sales & marketing leaders every week. Hosted by Mark Fidelman, he discusses the hottest new sales & marketing ideas from the experts. Fidelman keeps it real, and isn’t afraid to mix it up. Each episode features an engaging discussion with different business professionals to help you fuel your mind.

Jul 16, 2020

Today we're going to talk about implementing humanistic marketing practices. And joining me today is Justin Foster and Emily Sikorsky. 

So when we talk about humanistic marketing practices and going deep within to figure out who you are - what your brand is and what it represents, how do you do that?

FINAL QUESTIONS: 1. Hottest digital marketing technology that you recommend


FINAL QUESTION 2. Who is the most influential person in marketing today?

Christopher Lochhead


Like chicken and waffles, branding strategists and Root + River co-founders Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster are a speaking duo who have the itjust-
works factor. The two each have their own acoustic sound as presenters, but together, they make music they couldn’t alone. Their speeches
play out like a compelling dialogue unfolding in real-time. With more than 50 speaking engagements and podcast interviews under their belts, they
are able to create a collaboration-in-action experience to capture the minds and hearts of those who are listening.