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Mar 11, 2020

Cem Kumlar is Founder & CEO of Libereum. We sit down to discuss crypto adoption and what needs to happen in order for the rest of the world to start participating. 


  1. What’s the Libereum story?
  2. Why blockchain football?
  3. Scammed by an attorney
  4. Mass adoption how to scale

IN 100 words or less, if you could invest a fictional $100,000 in one or two cryptos, what would they be and why?

The only right answer for me would be Libereum.

About Libereum: Libereum wants to break the system where crypto is reserved for the lucky few and perhaps even the elite. We want to make crypto accessible for the mass giving everybody a chance to participate in and maintain their own economy ruled by themselves and not by the institutes that rule the old debt-based economy. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has become another playground for the powers that be as they see the true potential of cryptocurrencies. It’s imperative that we, the people, keep playing our role in the debtbased economy so that it can be maintained. Without participants it would become unsustainable to begin with. A quick glance at the Bitcoin wallets and trade volumes teaches us that Bitcoin has indeed become another playground for the haves as only 5% of all wallets have over 80% of the total market in hands. This is far away from the purity and the idea of self-empowerment behind Bitcoin and crypto in general as it was developed to oppose exactly that what it has become now. Ruled by the few it has become a whale’s game. We still believe in the true power of crypto and have concluded that with the right approach this could truly become the gamechanger everybody is waiting for. From the start not ruled by the few but by the many, across the world not bound by borders but connected through their passion: The love for Sports.