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Dec 4, 2019

Nikki Brown is a content strategist with Melrose PR in Los Angeles. Today we’re going to talk about How blockchain technology can transform the entertainment industry and media landscape. 

Questions Asked: 

  1. What’s going on in the world of Blockchain and crypto PR?
  2. So why does the entertainment industry need the blockchain?
  3. If I were in the entertainment industry, I’d be worried about a decentralized blockchain stealing my digital assets and putting them on the blockchain. Like Netflix for the blockchain. I mean, how would they stop that?
  4. How will the blockchain change the media landscape?
  5. What are your clients asking you to do?
  6. What’s the most interesting crypto project you’re working on?
  7. How can blockchain companies use marketing and PR to increase their token prices?
  8. What are your clients struggling with?

When should blockchain / crypto companies engage PR?

IN 100 words or less, if you could invest a fictional $100,000 in one or two cryptos, what would they be and why?

Not sure about what I would invest in, but some projects I find interesting are: -Breaker's p2p film distribution platform -Brave Browser -Steemit -Blockchains LLC's digital ecosystem in Reno, NV

Key Takeaway:

UP ON THE GLASS, the feature dramatic-thriller I produced and co-wrote: Melrose PR, for crypto and blockchain projects seeking a communications partner: