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Digital Brand Building interviews the most successful sales & marketing leaders every week. Hosted by Mark Fidelman, he discusses the hottest new sales & marketing ideas from the experts. Fidelman keeps it real, and isn’t afraid to mix it up. Each episode features an engaging discussion with different business professionals to help you fuel your mind.

Sep 14, 2021

Ray Wang and I discuss his new book and what qualities unicorn companies have that you can emulate. 

So Ray wrote the book, because he realized digital transformation is not enough. We've been talking about it. And he realized because the game had changed, you have to do it differently. A great example was like if you look at most companies today, I think something like in the fortune 500, almost 40% 47% of companies are owned by the same people.  And it's literally like a handful, 14 investors and they're playing a different game. 

Everybody Wants to Rule the World will help you:

  • Understand the power of Data-Driven Digital Networks and how they have driven the most successful companies of our time.
  • Learn how extreme consolidation is changing the global business landscape and what this means for businesses of all types and sizes in terms of understanding where you fit in the value chain.
  • Advocate for smart regulations that enable free and fair markets while balancing innovation with anti-trust
  • Gain insights into what innovative companies are doing right now to position themselves in this new reality.
  • Take your business from status quo to market leader.

Ray's book: 



R “Ray” Wang (pronounced WAHNG) is the Founder, Chairman and Principal Analyst of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research Inc., He co-hosts DisrupTV, a weekly enterprise tech and leadership webcast that averages 50,000 views per episode and authors a business strategy and technology blog that has received millions of page views per month. Wang also serves as a non-resident Senior Fellow at The Atlantic Council's GeoTech Center. Since 2003, Ray has delivered thousands of live and virtual keynotes around the world that are inspiring and legendary. Wang has spoken at almost every major tech conference. His ground-breaking best selling book on digital transformation, Disrupting Digital Business, was published by Harvard Business Review Press in 2015. Ray's new best-selling book about Digital Giants and the future of business titled, Everybody Wants to Rule The World was released July 2021 by Harper Collins Leadership. Wang is well quoted and frequently interviewed in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, CGTN America, Bloomberg, Tech Crunch, ZDNet, Forbes, and Fortune. He is one of the top technology analysts in the world.


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