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Mark Fidelman’s AI Marketing is about helping marketers increase their sales, leads, and conversions through the use of artificial intelligence tools. Each episode features an engaging discussion with different AI experts to help you fuel your business growth. Have a question? Visit Mark at and click on his chatbot.

Jul 20, 2019

I bet you thought the Encyclopedia Britannica was dead. Well, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not. They have just come out with a revolutionary new AI Voice bot on Alexa and Google Skill called Guardians of History. 

Key points:

(1:20) what is Guardians of history?

(2:20) How does the app work on Alexa...

Jul 18, 2019

If you’re a marketer and haven’t looked into AI, you may be at risk of losing your job in the next few years. In my discussion today with Katie King were going to talk about AI for marketers and how they should be looking to incorporate it in their marketing plans for the next year.


Show links: 

IN 100 words or...

Jul 17, 2019

Kyle Gray Is a storytelling strategist. And in this episode, he’s going to discuss how consumers can take charge of the hero's journey and give us key points to use in developing your AI storytelling strategy.

(4:45) How to use storytelling in chatbots

(7:55) The power of letting the consumer control the hero's...

Jul 13, 2019

Josh Barkin is Founder of - he is on the show to set up expectations for conversational AI. 

Topics covered

  • Mark and Josh get into IBM Watson technology and how Janus adds AI functionality to conversational AI. 
  • Janis Focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) for small business. 
  • Why Siri and Alexa don't...

Jul 11, 2019


GigaOm CEO and Author of the Fourth Age, you won’t meet a bigger proponent of AI in business than Byron Reese.  He currently hosts the Voices in AI podcast. And it's our pleasure to have him on today to discuss why we shouldn’t fear artificial intelligence.

 (4:26) Why Stories are important 

(6:29) Will AI ever...